BrewKups Royal Brewed (12 BrewKups)

//BrewKups Royal Brewed (12 BrewKups)

BrewKups Royal Brewed (12 BrewKups)

$29.95 $25.50

Premium Gourmet
(10 Filter Packs Per Box –
Each Filter Pack Brews 4-6 Cups,
Depending on Desired Strength)

Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee Blend
With 100% Certified Ganoderma Spore Extract.

Product Description

Harvested only once a year, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is a highly sought after and rare brew that flourishes in the lush ecosystem of the famously cool and misty Blue Mountain range, considered the perfect setting for growing coffee beans. Organo Gold combines this exclusive coffee with our certified organic Ganoderma spore powder to produce the smooth Limited Edition Royal Brewed – a BrewKup truly fit for royalty


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